2024 Conference Schedule

Note that minor changes may occur

Friday, June 21, 2024: 

8:30-9:00: Registration & Coffee

9:00-10:30: Concurrent Panels

Reading and Writing Place

  • Lee Nevitt, Tufts University, “Queer Experimentations in 19th-Century American Regional Literature”
  • Yolanda Mackey, Penn State, “Mapping the Long Negro or ‘Harlem’ Renaissance in the Literary Imaginary”
  • Andrew Suárez, Harvard University, “Una Nueva Genealogía: Revisiting Place in 20th Century Chicana Literature”

CHAIR: Jonathan Fitzgerald, Regis College

Colonial Crossroads

  • Charline Jao, Cornell, “Flowers of the Sea: Marine Specimens at the Anti-Slavery Bazaar”
  • Julia K. Woodward, Boston College, “Multiple Multiplicities: Créolité and Cultural Crossroads in Caribbean Fiction”
  • Katharina Weygold, Brown University, “African American Women and Haiti During the U.S. Occupation of Haiti, 1915 – 1934”
  • Edward Hunt, Regis College, “Strategic Bridge? The Compact States as a Region in the American Empire”

CHAIR: Hannah Haynes, Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts

Photography in the New England Region

  • Marina Wells, New Bedford Whaling Museum, “A Maritime Backdrop: Early Photography Studios in New Bedford”
  • Jesse Dritz, Boston University, “‘There’s More Water Out There Than I Can Drink’: Reframing the Maine Coast in Salt Magazine”
  • Maddie Webster, City of Boston, “Urban Renewal Photography and Black Homeownership Realities”
  • Lauren Graves, Boston Athenaeum, “Where’s Boston?: Constantine Manos’s Bostonians”

CHAIR: Alisa Prince, Boston University

10:45 – 12:15: Concurrent Panels

Revisiting Texas

  • Jonathan Silverman, UMass Lowell, “Race and Races: Life at Manor Downs”
  • Dr. Dwonna Naomi Goldstone, Texas State University, “Black & Female & Liberal in Texas”
  • Joel Huerta, University of Illinois Chicago, “Camelia La Tejana: A Look Back, Fifty Years Later”

CHAIR: Nicholas Bloom, Harvard University

Reconsidering New England

  • Mary Renda, Mount Holyoke College, “To Conquer Outlying Regions: The Pursuit of Women’s Higher Education in New England”
  • Hwayoung Yi, Texas A&M University, “Rethinking Jewett’s New England Regionalism”
  • Olivia R. Jacobs, Boston University, “Appalachian Temporal Regionalism: New England’s Aesthetic Hallucination”
  • Rajender Kaur, William Paterson University, “Revisioning the Regional: New England and Indian Ocean Worlds”

CHAIR: Lydia Ciollo, Fairfield University

Confronting Colonial Regionality

  • Morgan Ridgway, Harvard University, “Toward Unknowing: Non-recognition, Lenape Insistence, and Troubled Geographies”
  • kristen iemma, Brown University, “Records Confronting Borders: Archival Sovereignty in Twentieth Century U.S. Empire”
  • Christopher Slaby, William & Mary, “Region in U.S. History and the People of the Waters That are Never Still: Mohican Homelands, the ‘Hudson’ River, and the Messiness of Place”
  • Olivia Anne Lafferty, Brown, “Theorizing a Filipinx American Transpacific in the Wake of the Galleon Trade”

CHAIR: Megan McNamara, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

12:15 – 1:00: Lunch

1:00 – 2:30: Keynote, Joseph Rezek, Boston University

“The Captain and the Codex: John Smith’s Generall Historie of Virginia and the Transformation of Pocahontas”

2:45 – 4:15: Concurrent Panels

Material Cultures of/and Place

  • Chloe Chapin, Harvard University, “Whiteness, Materialism, and American Regional Identity”
  • Victoria Oliviero, Boston College, “New England Egyptomania: Boston’s Elite and Their Travels”
  • Astrid Tvetenstrand, Boston Athenaeum, “From Canton to Newport: Kingscote, Chinese Art, and the Transnational Circulation of American Taste”

CHAIR: Charles Park, Berkshire Community College

Tourism & Conservation

  • Anne Boyd, Boston University, “Driving Davis Out West: The Jefferson Davis Highway’s Westward Expansion in 1940s California”
  • Ella Howard, Wentworth Institute of Technology, “Regionalism and Historic Preservation Districts”
  • Dan McKanan, Harvard Divinity School, “Conservation, New England Style”

CHAIR: Marina Wells, New Bedford Whaling Museum

Rural, Urban, and In Between 

  • David Faflik, University of Rhode Island, “Back of the Bus: Race and the Integration of Red Sox Nation”
  • Jack Carey, University of Alabama, “Odd Couples: Notes on Teaching Comparative Regionalism in ‘the Southern Trough’”
  • Brian Murphy, Williams College, “From Nowhere: A Midwestern Memoir”

CHAIR: Ethan Goodnight, Harvard University

4:30 – 6:00: Reception, hosted by Harvard’s American Studies Program

Saturday, June 22, 2024

9:00-10:30: Concurrent Panels

Space and Place, Visualized

  • Justin Wolff, University of Maine, “Here, There, Everywhere: Picturing Catastrophe Across Time and Space”
  • Jarkko Tanninen, University of Nottingham, “Out of the Boondocks: (Re)Performing Regional Imaginaries in Contemporary American Photography”
  • James Emmett Ryan, Auburn University, “New Orleans Cinema and Social Change, 1940-1970”

CHAIR: Betsy Walters, Boston University

Locating the Native Great Lakes and the Midwestern Anti-Region

  • Dylan Nelson, Harvard University, “Regions, Territories, and Homelands: The Longue Durée and Indigenous Trajectories in the Great Lakes”
  • Kabl Wilkerson, Harvard University, “Regionalism and the Question of Great Lakes Indian Removal: Region as Method and Analytic”
  • Saffron Sener, Harvard University, “Spectral ‘Superstition:’ Politics, Gender, and the Pursuit of Power in the Early Midwest”

CHAIR: Carolyn Parker-Fairbain, Boston University

Diaspora and Immigration

  • Amanda Rivera, Yale, “Archival Ambivalences: The Colonial Limitations and Ethnographic Potentials of Puerto Rican Diaspora Archives in Southern Connecticut”
  • Hannah Haynes and Izzy Beauchamp, Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts, “Immigration in the Berkshires: Evaluating Berkshire County as a Context of Reception for New Migrants”
  • Walter E. Suarez Becerra, Independent Scholar, “Peruvians in the United States: Tracing Diaspora and Incorporation”

CHAIR: Andrew Suárez, Harvard University

10:45 – 12:15: Concurrent Panels

Destabilizing Boundaries, Remaking Regions: Pedagogical and Artistic Projects from the Vermont-Quebec Borderland

  • Amy Howe, Champlain College
  • Gene Pendon, artist
  • Melissa Proietti, Champlain, Montreal Campus
  • Weiling Deng, Champlain College

Regional Consumables

  • Rachel Ciampoli, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, “‘The Indigenous Posey of the Soil’: Eastman Johnson’s Maple Sugar Paintings and the Aesthetics of Elision”
  • Andrew Green Hannon, PhD from Yale, Panama Rose’s The Hashish Cookbook: Authenticity and Authorship from Beat Morocco to the Hip Lower East Side
  • Claire Bunschoten, Boston University, “‘What Northern Hands Made’: Crafting Vanilla Bean Terroir and Fetishizing Place”

CHAIR: AnnMarie DeMichiel, The University of Rhode Island

Mapping Indigenous Worcester, A Film Screening and Conversation 

  • Colin Novick, Greater Worcester Land Trust
  • Gwenn Miller, College of the Holy Cross
  • Sarah Luria, College of the Holy Cross

12:30 – 2:00: Awards Lunch